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A Quilt for my Grandmother


This quilt is a project with my grandma and is still in progress. We have been calling it ‘Panes’, or ‘Our Quilt.’

Designed first from sketch, then in Rhino, then in Illustrator, then in fabric store, and finally with sewing machine. As a flat object in plan, the quilt wobbles and weaves across grids. There are only freely handcut pieces of fabric on Side 1 and only precisely measured squares on side 2. Both operate within a theme of filtered light, where blue and white tones act much like blinds in a window. Red stitching creates a grid and framework for the colors to dance across. On Side 1, the red stitching stretches and bobs through handsewn lines, and on Side 2, machine weaving carefully goes over and under the blue squares. White stitching over an off white base fabric creates a new textile feel. The quilt is also warm.